About Kyrris Marketing

Kyrris is a strategic marketing and communications agency located in Detroit, Michigan. Work with us, and we’ll ask questions that make you really think about who you are and what you do. We’ll experiment with your products and study your services. We’ll probe through the motivations of your customers.

Then we’ll review your competitors and talk about trends taking place in the industry. From all of this, we’ll develop creative and messaging that pops and helps you connect.

There is more. We’ll develop the brand strategy and recommend marketing channels that are both effective and efficient. As audiences and technologies evolve, we adapt right along with them. Our mission is to help your company or organization build new, strong and lasting customer relationships.

We love doing this. We live and breathe it every day. You will always get our very best.

Who is Kyrris Marketing?

Our company mission

Provide highest quality marketing and communication programs to companies seeking to build lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with their customers, patients, members, study subjects, or employees.

The Kyrris Philosophy

Our work is guided by industry experience and insight into market trends. We will build programs or execute projects based on your business needs. Our partnership is based on your success.

The Kyrris Promise

We will clearly define project scope, expectations, and schedule. We will communicate regular updates and finish on time. We will be honest in our assessments and work with clients who share our values.

Ask the right questions to get the right message

You need to understand your audience, and they need to know you. We ask a lot of questions in order to design and communicate the best message, and then we will use all the tools in our formidable toolbox to help you build and maintain those mutually beneficial relationships.

The Kyrris Toolbox

You have many options, so your choices depend on your business goals and budget. We can help guide you through the process as effectively and efficiently as possible. The tools we have available include the web, email, print, advertising, social media, events, media relations, thought leadership – or whatever is a good match for your message.